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Webinar - Thursday, 18 April from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Research Tax Credit: The essentials for a successful and simplified tax return in 2024

The CIR represents a significant financial opportunity to support your R&D projects. Discover the keys to simplifying and securing your declaration in this unique webinar.

Our speakers

  • Benjamin JACQUOT


  • Cécile ROSKOVEC

    Directrice Associée, Cabinet DIX SEPTEMBRE



In France, the research tax credit (CIR) is designed to boost the competitiveness of French companies and encourage them to carry out research and development.

It is a declarative principle that will be deducted from the tax base.

But eligible research is only part of the research you carry out in your laboratory. A distinction is made between R&D projects and R&D operations eligible for the CIR, which includes only activities aimed at removing technical barriers.

Find out in this webinar which operations are eligible for the CIR that meet the 5 criteria of the Frascati manual, and how a tool such as Laby can help you carry out these operations and secure your declarations.

The main principles of the CIR.
Calculating the research tax credit.
Points to bear in mind in the event of an inspection.
Tips to make your declaration easier with Laby.

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