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Inventory and supply management

Take inventory of available items and automate the operational management and traceability of your products.

Simple and automated tracking for efficient inventory management

Illustration of a man checking boxes on a cart.
Organization of stocks
Hierarchize and list your items (family, batches, ...) and attach information (supplier, MSDS, certificate of analysis, ...)
Quality approach
Establish the standards to be respected: storage conditions and locations, min and max quantity, expiry date, etc.
Traceability and security
Each movement is traced in an automatic and chronological way from the entry to the exit of stocks
Get alerts on out-of-stock items and export the list of items to order from your suppliers.

Improve inventory management to ensure product availability and quality

  • Quick search of all reagents, raw materials and organics
  • Reference of the products and quantities available with the storage location
  • Unique identification of items and automatic creation of a QR code
  • Real-time monitoring of consumption in relation to the laboratory’s activities
  • Creation of aliquots and preservation of information about his parenthood
Screenshot from Laby software showing product information and descriptions.

Control the evolution of stocks and the method of replenishment

  • Dashboard and summary of products in stock or on backorder
  • Management of suppliers and alert thresholds to guarantee a safety
  • Real-time inventory value estimation for each project
  • Simplified ordering with an excel export by product, manufacturer or supplier
Hands of a person wearing white gloves and holding test tubes.
Our collaborator Eric Morency with his arms crossed, looking straight ahead with a slight smile.

Optimizing inventory management means improving team efficiency, avoiding waste of expensive products and guaranteeing product traceability. It also means being able to quickly find and isolate all tests performed with a contaminated product!

Eric Morency
Phd in cellular and molecular biology, Developer at KYLI

Our Solutions

Experience a 360° view of your laboratory

Electronic laboratory notebook

Log all your experiments, files and analyses. Automate repetitive tasks and share your results.


Define the recipes and follow the different manufacturing steps to ensure traceability and robustness of the production process.

Inventory and supply

Simplify the traceability of items and batches used and optimize the management of products and supplies.

Scientific bibliography

Centralize scientific publications, create collections by theme or project and share knowledge with the team.


Track the distribution of time spent to simplify project management, reports or administrative declarations.

Digital signature

Protect each innovation by ensuring the anteriority and authenticity of the data at a given moment and by a trusted third party.

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