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Equipment and maintenance monitoring

Facilitate the tracking of instruments to ensure quality and the smooth running of Research & Development activities.

Strengthen the monitoring and compliance of equipment to ensure its performance

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Equipment inventory
Consult the accessible and functional equipment as well as the documents and interventions related to it.
Monitoring and maintenance
Visualize the planned or to be performed maintenance (curative or preventive) and the people responsible for the follow-up.
Automatic traceability
Reporting and monitoring of instruments and equipment used in the preparation and analysis of samples.
Reliability and quality control
Trace the history of the manipulations your equipment has undergone and the list of associated experiments.

Organize and control the quality of the laboratory instruments

  • Synthetic dashboard for equipment monitoring
  • QR Code generation for each instrument or equipment group
  • Management of preventive and curative interventions
  • Automatic planning of preventive maintenance by period
  • Alerting of maintenance to be carried out for each manager
Screenshot of Laby software displaying the result of the global equipment search.

Generate reliable results and guarantee their traceability from A to Z

  • Automatic monitoring of equipment in relation to experiments
  • Direct access to the equipment sheet by scanning the QR code
  • Centralization of all types of information for each equipment (user’s manual, intervention report, service provider, invoices, …)
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Properly maintained and accurately monitored equipment avoids the risk of errors in the laboratory and ensures a better quality of the results generated during R&D work.

Julien Courtès
Technical director at KYLI

Our Solutions

Experience a 360° view of your laboratory

Electronic laboratory notebook

Log all your experiments, files and analyses. Automate repetitive tasks and share your results.


Define the recipes and follow the different manufacturing steps to ensure traceability and robustness of the production process.

Inventory and supply

Simplify the traceability of items and batches used and optimize the management of products and supplies.

Scientific bibliography

Centralize scientific publications, create collections by theme or project and share knowledge with the team.


Track the distribution of time spent to simplify project management, reports or administrative declarations.

Digital signature

Protect each innovation by ensuring the anteriority and authenticity of the data at a given moment and by a trusted third party.

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