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Quality management

Define processes, establish good practices and laboratory-specific methods to ensure continuous improvement of research and development activities.

Guarantee the reliability of data

Collect, save, trace and secure company data to ensure its integrity.

Apply quality processes

Implement your quality approach and structure your activity for more cohesion within teams.

Centralize information

Bring together the company's strategic data to provide the same level of information and support innovation.

From theory to practice

6 Fundamental principles for implementing a quality approach within the laboratory

Security and traceability

  • Create an account for each user, manage their roles and access rights
  • Set permissions for creation, modification, reading or deleting
  • Ensure the traceability of operations across the entire information system (audit trail)
  • Store information and have a data backup system

Process harmonization

  • Adapt your work tool to laboratory practices and activities
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and facilitate regular audits
  • Define objectives and assign responsibility for each task

Mastery of quality documentation

  • Create a quality document and submit it for verification before validation
  • Trace each step from document approval to official distribution
  • Ensure follow-up reading of quality documents with the person

Quality is not an obstacle but a valuable ally to strengthen research and development work while promoting scientific innovation.


Operations monitoring

  • Dashboard for better management of tasks by employee
  • Centralization of all information linked to a research program
  • Traceability of actions carried out in the laboratory to maximize reproducibility

Performance measurement

  • Analysis of hours and activities declared on a research project
  • Presentation of an automatic Gantt for each research program
  • Control and monitoring of preventive and curative maintenance by equipment
  • Stock valuation, consumption monitoring and supply management

Protection of innovations

  • Limit access rights to a project or strategic data
  • Guarantee the precedence and authenticity of an innovation thanks to the digital signature
  • Easily identify the authors of a discovery and the time spent on the project