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Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

Record your scientific results and observations to ensure the reliability and reproducibility of an experiment.

Simple processes and centralized data for better productivity

Male scientist looking at notes on a whiteboard inside a laboratory.
Customizable templates
Rapid formatting from standardized test templates, protocols and results tables.
Audit trail and material evidence
Tracked and secured data that proves the integrity of the results and the precedence in case of discovery.
Automatic report
One-click summary of all the content and raw data collected during the experiment.
Storage of essential information related to the experiments: materials, products, procedures, manipulations, etc.

Document, track and share your research and development work

  • Planning of the experimental plan with the assigned persons and deadlines
  • Traceability of each handling in direct link with the stocks and equipments
  • Storage of all types of documents (Image, text, pdf, video, etc.)
  • Opening applications (Word, Excel, Pymol, Graphpad, Prism, Chemdraw, etc.)
  • Sharing of information with scientists with access rights to the project
Screenshot of Laby software showing a quality protocol.

Structuring and consolidating information for a better utilization of the results

  • Contextualization of studies, experiments and tests carried out by project
  • Standardization of processes to facilitate reporting
  • Creation of tags and keywords for simplified searches
  • Automatic display of a Gantt chart by project
  • Aggregation and rapid utilization of raw data from multiple tests
Hands of a person wearing white gloves and holding test tubes.
Our collaborator Eric Morency with his arms crossed, looking straight ahead with a slight smile.

During my time in academic and private research, having a tool such as Laby would have helped get to the heart of projects much more quickly and ensured the transmission of my findings to my colleagues.

Eric Morency
Phd in cellular and molecular biology, Developer at KYLI

Our Solutions

Experience a 360° view of your laboratory


Define the recipes and follow the different manufacturing steps to ensure traceability and robustness of the production process.

Inventory and supply

Simplify the traceability of items and batches used and optimize the management of products and supplies.

Electronic laboratory notebook

Log all your experiments, files and analyses. Automate repetitive tasks and share your results.

Scientific bibliography

Centralize scientific publications, create collections by theme or project and share knowledge with the team.


Track the distribution of time spent to simplify project management, reports or administrative declarations.

Digital signature

Protect each innovation by ensuring the anteriority and authenticity of the data at a given moment and by a trusted third party.

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