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About us

Who are we?

KYLI is a company specialized in supporting the digitalization of R&D structures.

Since our creation in 2020, KYLI has put innovation at the heart of its strategy to offer innovative companies and their scientific teams simple, effective and secure digital solutions.

Our Laby solution saves time, reduces costs and ensures the quality of projects.

Co-workers are discussing a project outside the building. Two are sitting at a table with laptops and one is standing and giving details about the project.
Two employees sitting outside on a wooden bench. The day is sunny and we can see two trees in the background.
The four founding partners positioned on a scale. In order of position: Benjamin, Julien, Jean-Michel and Sylvio.
The collaborator Julien jumps into the exterior space of the building.

The KYLI spirit

Collaborating with us means choosing a team you trust and who will be able to support you on a daily basis.

Thanks to their past experience in laboratories, our scientific and IT experts understand your needs and perfect the Laby solution to increase your capacity for innovation and collaboration and optimize your resources.

We also develop Data Science projects with our clients to enhance their data and identify new areas of development.

Loyal customers
Years of development
Photo of the team of 10 employees outside the building. They are in fun and different poses.

Vision & Mission

Our vision
Give science all its power, by imagining a world where scientific rigor is reinforced by the reliability of data and where the work of each researcher is recognized.
Our mission
Is to provide research and development laboratories with a software solution focused on data integrity and the work of researchers, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and scientific advances.
Our CEO Benjamin Jacquot, looking straight ahead with a smile.

We put our knowledge and expertise at the service of science, to offer our customers the most efficient tool best suited to their activities.

Benjamin Jacquot


An essential lever to continuously manage and support the evolution of your activities. We place innovation at the heart of our action to provide you with the most efficient and flexible solution, adapted to your current and future challenges.
A process of continuous improvement of our practices and active listening to your needs. We develop a reliable and proven solution that meets the highest standards in your areas of activity.
A key value that guides the way we work and interact with our partners and customers. We are committed to maintaining honest and constructive exchanges, thus guaranteeing collaboration based on mutual trust.


Listening and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our concerns. Coming from the scientific and IT fields, we are here to support you whatever the challenges you wish to take on.

  • Our collaborator Benjamin Jacquot, who is a white man, dark hair and beard.🧠 Our nerd

    Benjamin JACQUOT


  • Our collaborator Julien Courtes with arms crossed, who is a white man with glasses, dark hair without a beard.🍪 Our Technology Cruncher

    Julien COURTES


  • Our collaborator Jean-Michel Griffon, who is a white man with glasses, white hair/beard.🎅🏻 Our Quiet Strength

    Jean-Michel GRIFFON


  • Our collaborator Sylvio, who is a black man with a light mustache and dark goatee.💻 Our Captain Data

    Sylvio LAVENTURE

    Developer Back-end

  • Our collaborator Stéphanie, who is a white woman with long blonde hair.🐉 Our Mother of Dragons

    Stéphanie LALUQUE

    Marketing Manager

  • Our collaborator Eric, who is a white man with gray hair and beard.🇨🇭 Our Swiss Army Knife

    Eric MORENCY

    Developer Back-end

  • Our collaborator Alexis, who is a white man with dark hair and a slight beard.🤖 Our Unwilling Genius

    Alexis Tardif

    Business Development

  • Our collaborator Wagner, who is a white man, with dark hair and beard.🇧🇷 Our Figma Expert

    Wagner Germany

    UX/UI Designer