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Digital signature or e-signature

Sign scientific reports with ease to ensure the authenticity, precedence and protection of your innovations.

Easy and fast, the electronic signature protects your R&D work

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Time saving
At any time and from any location, submit and sign scientific reports from the laboratory with one click.
Integrity and security
Based on the requirements of CFR21 part 11 and EIDAS, your electronic signature is reliable and secure.
Certificate of authenticity
An encrypted key attests to the authenticity of the information at the date of signature.
Trusted third party
The dual signature process uses a trusted third party recommended by the European Union (RCF 3161 compliant).

Submit a report and follow up on a signature request

  • Add files and reports in pdf format
  • Obligation to sign level 1 and 2 to obtain a certificate of authenticity
  • Notification by email to authorized signatories
  • Reliable process for identifying the signatory
Screenshot of Laby software showing the signatures module

Verify, sign and store documents in a secure area

  • Automatic time-stamping of the signature by a trusted third party
  • Creation of a certificate of authenticity with legal value
  • Generation of an automatic signature report
  • Modification and deletion of data is not possible
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Our CEO Benjamin Jacquot with his arms crossed, looking straight ahead with a smile.

The e-signature allows the laboratory to prove the origin, the anteriority as well as the authors of a discovery to protect its utilization!

Benjamin Jacquot

Our Solutions

Experience a 360° view of your laboratory

Electronic laboratory notebook

Log all your experiments, files and analyses. Automate repetitive tasks and share your results.

Inventory and supply

Simplify the traceability of items and batches used and optimize the management of products and supplies.

Equipment and maintenance

Manage and control the maintenance and reliability of the instruments used in the laboratory.

Scientific bibliography

Centralize scientific publications, create collections by theme or project and share knowledge with the team.


Track the distribution of time spent to simplify project management, reports or administrative declarations.


Define the recipes and follow the different manufacturing steps to ensure traceability and robustness of the production process.

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