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How to structure your start-up and maintain R&D flexibility

G.Clips Biotech is a young French company based in Toulouse and founded in 2021. Its technology platform enables the discovery of therapeutic candidates acting specifically on new membrane targets.

Rosie DAWALIBY, co-founder and CEO of G.Clips Biotech, was looking for a solution to help her organization structure itself at every stage of the company’s life.

Photo de Rosie DAWALIBY

Co-founder & CEO

G.Clips Biotech

With the Laby solution, you have everything in one place!

It's easier to access and everything can be linked together. That's what we really wanted, and what the team was quick to take on board!

Agitateur en fonctionnement

The challenge for G.Clips Biotech

Monitor the development of your company and its activities

The aim was to ensure data structuring and confidentiality by putting in place rules and processes to organize the management of research and development projects, while retaining a high degree of flexibility for operational activities.

In addition to a monitoring tool, G.Clips Biotech was looking for a practical, easy-to-implement solution to save time, simplify collaboration and guarantee controlled access to information.

Data confidentiality and traceability are of paramount importance to the company, and a guarantee of quality for its customers.

Agitateur en fonctionnement

Our support

Implementation of the Laby solution for 360° control

Photo du directeur nommé Benjamin souriant avec les bras croisés

Benjamin JACQUOT

G.Clips Biotech project manager

Installation and training in record time

Setting up the software, importing data from the laboratory, and 2 days of training were all it took to get the team up and running!

Simplify the organization of activities

Centralizing R&D activities ensures better traceability of results and facilitates collaboration!

Facilitating decision-making

Standardizing data and tracking processes makes it easier to find information and analyze reports.

Data integrity and security

The traceability of stored data and the management of access rights enable better control and monitoring of each user's activities (audit trail).

Experience au sein du laboratoire G.Clips Biotech

Managing change

Follow-up and personalized training

Change management at the G.Clips Biotech laboratory, in 4 stages:

  1. A preliminary discussion enables us to understand the processes already in place, the teams’ expectations and the need to simplify activities.

  2. The Laby software demonstration is personalized so that each employee can project himself and ask questions relating to his daily tasks.

  3. The KYLI team sets up the Laby software and imports the laboratory’s static data (stocks, equipment, etc.) in preparation for training.

  4. Training is given in an operational environment to simplify adoption of the tool by administrators and users.
Experience au sein du laboratoire G.Clips Biotech
Photo de Rosie DAWALIBY

Co-founder & CEO

G.Clips Biotech

Your team is very attentive and the training was up to scratch.

Whenever we need to contact you, ask you questions or suggest certain solutions that are more practical for us, we've always found the necessary listening skills.

User experience

A tool to suit every need!

The co-founders use the solution for managerial and administrative purposes:

The operational team manages laboratory activities according to their access rights:

Photo de Rosie DAWALIBY

Co-founder & CEO

G.Clips Biotech

It's a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution. ​

Whenever someone is looking for a solution to digitize their laboratory, I always suggest Laby!

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