Collaboratively manage your scientific bibliography

Organized scientific publications accessible to all researchers thereby simplifying and accelerating the R&D projects in the laboratory

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Pool your scientific publications

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LABY bibliography

Simple and fast



The LABY LIMS allows you to gather, organize, and easily link scientific publications to the research and development work from the laboratory.

As soon as a publication is added to the central library, each content is immediately searchable, accessible, and readable by researchers.

Scientific library

How to use the LABY bibliography

Scientific review


Store and organize your bilbiographical references thanks to rapid metadata analysis: DOI, authors, etc.

with your team

Share scientific data and techniques with other researchers. Submit content with a link.


Using keywords and filters, the search engine gives you precise results from data and full text.

your library

Create tags and specific themes. Identify and easily regroup your documentary sources.

Link to
R&D projects

From your bibliography, connect publications and documents to your R&D laboratory work.

Open access

Quickly visualize the available content. Construct a bibliography accessible to the whole team.

LABY is an electronic laboratory notebook designed by scientists for scientists.

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