Quality Management

Quality, the central element of the laboratory

Define processes, establish good practices and methods specific to the laboratory to ensure continuous improvement and performance of research and development activities.

Guarantee the reliability of data

Collect, back up, trace, and secure corporate data to ensure data integrity.

Apply quality processes

Implement your quality approach, structure your activity for more cohesion within the teams.

Centralize information

Gather strategic company data to provide the same level of information and support innovation.

From theory to practice

The fundamental principles for implementing a quality approach within the laboratory

Organize and structure

To harmonize internal processes

With LABY, lead your teams around a project. Find the best way to work for more flexibility and agility. The software is highly adjustable to the internal practices of your laboratory, in order to support your work while respecting standards and quality audits.

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Submit a document or SOP

To promote the best practices

With LABY, you can create a quality document and have it checked and approved by the authorized people before its official distribution. All the operations are traced and secured up to the last detail.

“Quality is not an obstacle but a precious ally to reinforce research and development work while promoting scientific innovation.”

Assign rights per user

To control and protect your information

With LABY, an administrator can assign a role to each user and manage, in a personalized way, access rights and permissions for creating, modifying, or reading all or part of a research program.

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Guarantee traceability

To specify the origin and history of the data

With LABY, your data is listed, traced, and saved in real-time within your laboratory’s information system (analysis results, reports, equipment, logs…), which contributes to guaranteeing the integrity of your data.

"Traceability is the basis of a reliable system that guarantees the tracking, integrity, and quality of the data automatically for an easier control."

Define clear objectives

To manage scientific research

With LABY, define goals at different levels of your research program. This setting, pre-configured by the project manager, enables the planification of actions and facilitates the analysis, consolidation, and interpretation of each result.

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Signature digitale

Sign and lock a test

To ensure data integrity and authenticity

With LABY and thanks to its digital signature, you can certify that your projects have full integrity and protection. A fully secured digital key allows you to time-stamp your data, making it only accessible for consultation.

"Promoting communication between teams ensures that best practices are adopted and knowledge is shared."

Search easily

To collaborate and save time

With LABY, all your data is centralized and organized, allowing you to find information quickly and collaborate more efficiently.

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Innovate and think out of the box with LABY !

LABY gathers the essential functionalities for R&D activities.

By centralizing all your research processes and quality procedures, it ensures your data integrity and traceability.

Innovate and think out of the box with LABY !

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