Project Management

Innovation is also a matter of organization

Harmonize processes, secure strategic data, ensure integrity of scientific research and knowledge sharing.

Centralize information

Harmonize processes, consolidate and organize company data to simplify business.

Follow the scientific projects

Coordinate, share and monitor the progress of R&D projects to achieve the objectives set.

Secure your data

Ensure data integrity, traceability, and protection of your lab data.

From theory to practice

Essential elements for an efficient digital transformation in the laboratory

Steering the project

To monitor and support innovation

With LABY, you can participate, collaborate or supervise all your projects: from the laboratory notebook to the budget follow-up. It is possible to lock a test or use the digital signature to certify data integrity at different stages of a project.

Laboratory test
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Define confidentiality rules

To control strategic data

With LABY, you can assign access rights for each user, define his role or the projects he can act on. Creation, reading, modification, deletion, each action is listed for better traceability of the information.

"Prioritizing information and standardizing data entry makes it easier to find and share information between collaborators."

Standardize processes

To cultivate knowledge and expertise

With LABY, all the lab data is centralized and organized homogeneously to facilitate real-time information search and knowledge sharing. A collaborative space that promotes teamwork and contributes to the achievement of your most ambitious aspirations.

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Structuring information

For a clear view of the laboratory’s activities

With LABY, you have a smart overview of each Research program with up to 6 levels of hierarchy. From the creation of the program to the realization of the tests, find all the data related to your project: reports, results, documents, equipment…

"Full knowledge of a project helps a lot with the decision making process."

Simplify search of information

To save time and collaborate efficiently

With LABY, create your favorite folders and use a powerful search engine. Search by keywords, filter by user or project type, and identify information’s location. You can easily access the data you are looking for and work more efficiently.

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