Scientifique mesurant un lot d'échantillons

Recipe and batch preparation.

Simplify the management and monitoring of your production by controlling each step of your product development.

Scientifique mesurant un lot d'échantillons

Controlled production, in compliance with GMP standards.

Dessin de deux personnes dans un laboratoire prenant des notes pour une expérience

Recipe creation

Add a product in the inventory and associate a recipe: steps, products, conditions, equipment.

Development guide

Depending on the quantity to be produced, get an automatic guide from preparation to packaging.

Planning and reporting

Plan and follow the progress of your productions up to their design and the creation of batches in inventory.

Product traceability

Trace the handling history from design to use of items in the lab.

Create recipes with precision to control future production

  • List the steps and best practices to follow to complete the recipe
  • Detail the ingredients and quantities used for the preparation
  • Specify the equipment used during the development of the recipe
  • Establish the conditions to be respected (time, temperature, pressure, …)
  • To attach all documents useful for the manufacture and the follow-up of a finished product
Capture d'écran du logiciel Laby présentant la gestion de la production de lots au laboratoire
Mise en flacon d'une crème fabriquée dans une industrie
Mise en flacon d'une crème fabriquée dans une industrie

Guarantee the quality of the finished products

  • Get a detailed production report in one click
  • To have information on the changes in the item
  • Determine if items are developed for production or R&D
  • Ensure the traceability of finished products for sale or in the laboratory
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It is crucial to be able to rely on a reliable and accurate system to trace each and every batch produced, whether for routine internal use or for sale. The system is fully and easily customizable to fit your individual needs.

Benjamin JACQUOT


Our Solutions

Experience a 360° view of your laboratory

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Log all your experiments, files and analyses. Automate repetitive tasks and share your results.

Stock and supply

Simplify the traceability of items and batches used and optimize the management of products and supplies.

Equipment and maintenance

Manage and control the maintenance and reliability of the instruments used in the laboratory.

Scientific bibliography

Centralize scientific publications, create collections by theme or project and share knowledge with the team.


Track the distribution of time spent to simplify project management, reports or administrative declarations.

Digital signature

Protect each innovation by ensuring the anteriority and authenticity of the data at a given moment and by a trusted third party.


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