Laboratory Equipment

The quality of an analysis highly depends on the equipment

Controlling equipment quality and availability ensures a smooth flow of R&D activities.

Manage your equipment

List and track laboratory assets involved in the conduct and success of a project: software, patents, scales, centrifuges, water baths, …

Adopt a clear dashboard

Get a quick and accurate view of all equipment. Be notified of upcoming maintenance and view the latest actions performed.

Ensure quality and traceability

Search, identify and control laboratory equipment. Follow its history and learn about the handling and maintenance it has undergone.

From theory to practice

Essential steps for optimal handling in the laboratory

List the equipment

To assess research capacity

With LABY, you can register each piece of equipment in the laboratory or regroup them to form a set of equipment. You are thus able to quickly identify and assign the elements needed to start a project.

Equipment list
Information to read

Attach information

To ensure equipment traceability

With LABY, each piece of equipment has a code and a unique record, which ensures its traceability: serial number, location, QR code, etc. Any event that could influence the equipment’s life cycle can be recorded and tracked.

The quality of an analysis highly depends on the equipment

Follow every single element

To examine and control their quality

With LABY, you can export at any time the list of equipment you need and find all the information related to it: supplier sheets, instruction manuals, maintenance follow-up, repairs, invoices, etc.

Laboratory equipment
Laboratory test

Link an equipment to a test

To certify data integrity

With LABY, you can list the equipment used for the preparation and analysis of your samples. At any time, you can ensure the quality of the analyses or determine the event that could have compromised the integrity of the scientific data.

"The quality of the equipment used in the laboratory can have a direct impact on the maintenance of operational activities and the accuracy and integrity of the results obtained."

Supervising maintenance

To organize interventions and limit risks

With LABY, and thanks to its synthetic dashboards, visualize upcoming maintenance as well as those reaching a critical level. You can thus focus your attention on the interventions to be carried out in priority.

Automation of laboratory tasks

Automate tasks

To anticipate and take preventive actions

With LABY, you can set up automation rules to anticipate some events, such as planning the next maintenance interventions. This way, avoid forgetting or failing to monitor equipment properly and limit the risks that can directly impact the laboratory’s research activity.

"Promoting communication between teams means ensuring that good practices are followed and that knowledge is shared.”

Share the best practices

To guarantee good use of the equipment

With the LABY LIMS, you can set up a preventive approach and implement different measures to control the conformity of the instruments, as well as their good use by all your teams.

Information sharing
Scientific search engine

Search simply

To collaborate and save time

With LABY, all your data is centralized. Find information easily by searching by keywords or using filters, according to the type of equipment, its category, or the person in charge of the follow-up.

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