Digital Laboratory Notebook

A collaborative space to centralize your documents, scientific analyses, and equipment usage.

Simplified project management and better traceability

Take notes, analyze, share, sign!

LABY Electronic Laboratory Notebook





Test tubes
Scientific experiment

The electronic laboratory notebook is a common workspace allowing the whole team to centralize, plan, and follow the advancement of activities performed in the laboratory.

The links with the bilbiography, methods, equipment, as well as the consumables from your stock, allow a precise monitoring of the data produced by your research.

How to use the LABY laboratory notebook

Scientific review

Organization of the
experimental plan

Description of your research: projects, objectives, hypotheses, methods, experiments, tests, etc.

Precise monitoring
of the R&D project

Quality assurance and traceability is facilitated via the links with the stock, bibliography, and equipment used.


Import and download all types of documents. Modification and updates are done directly within LABY.


A secure workspace and available data in real time for your team.

and comments

A simplified exchange of information thanks to automatic notifications and delivery of personal messages.

Security and
audit trail

Traceability and access rights control of each user for reading, writing, and deleting.

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Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Project Management

Planification, project follow-up, real time sharing, and collective intelligence to accelerate innovation

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Quality and Monitoring

Internal procedures, process documents, quality documentation, traceability of project advacement

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Share scientific publications, creation of personal collections, links to R&D projects

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List of laboratory equipment, dashboard and monitoring of maintenance ensuring the quality of your scientific work

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LABY is an electronic laboratory notebook designed by scientists for scientists.

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