Collaborative work

Collaboration as a factor of innovation

Using a collaborative tool means facilitating access to reliable and up-to-date information to promote knowledge sharing.

Work with your team

Collaborate with your colleagues at any time and at all levels of the company and facilitate daily interactions.

Gather information

Centralize strategic and operational data across the laboratory, while maintaining required transparency and confidentiality.

Save time

Find information faster and facilitate exchanges to move forward efficiently on your projects.

From theory to practice

The essential elements to collaborate effectively within the laboratory

Create a common space

To facilitate group work

With LABY , gather and store information in one single tool. A common organization allows you to harmonize the laboratory workflow. Structure, plan, create, and transmit information in an easier and quicker way.

Active collaboration in the laboratory
Collaboration and access rights

Manage a project by team

To determine the mission and role of each person

With LABY, assign a role to each member, internal or external, of the laboratory. Customize their access rights to all or part of the project and control their ability to act, according to their function and skills.

"The exploitation of a common database and the use of a collaborative tool for the laboratory promotes exchanges between team members."

Synchronizing information

To share reliable and useful data

With LABY, instantly save your results, documents, and analyses and participate in the capitalization of the company’s knowledge. Be aware of the different research topics that will contribute to the progress of your projects, discoveries, and innovations.

Laboratory's data synchronization
Work and collaboration in remote

Work remotely

For daily flexibility

With LABY, access all your files when you travel. A simple, secure Internet connection allows you to work remotely and collaborate in real-time with all your team members.

"Promoting communication between research and development teams means ensuring that best practices are followed and that knowledge is shared."

Promote best practices

To support scientific research

With LABY, benefit from a tool to create, submit and validate the implementation of quality documents. Procedures, methods, and administrative support that need to be read and known are automatically distributed to the right employees.

Sharing the laboratory best practices
To do

Facilitate research

To save time and expand your knowledge

With LABY, the smart search engine enables you to quickly find any information in the laboratory. Using keywords and/or advanced filters, explore and browse new research topics.

Share links with a click

To ensure quick access to information

With LABY, you can generate links to a file and share it with your colleagues with a single click . This saves you and the rest of your team precious time!

Fast share of informations
Collaborate simply with LABY!


Our LIMS solution offers a simple and secure environment that encourages collaboration

Collaborate simply with LABY!

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